Bespoke Printed Gift Wrap

Custom printed bespoke gift wrap sold by the sheet. Printed on 90 gsm non coated paper, a fully recyclable product. The sheet sizes are 70cm x 50cm, with a minimum order of 50 sheets of mixed designs.

Bespoke Gift Wrap

One of our latest offerings, bespoke printed gift wrap. Printed on 90gsm non coated paper, and sold by the sheet. The sheet dimensions are 70cm wide x 50cm length. The minimum order quantity is 50 sheets.

Pricing & quantities

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Price ranges:

Print size of 70cm x 50cm sheets.

Minimum order of 50 sheets, which can be mixed designs.

For a repeating gift wrap pattern, the price is £1.44 inc VAT per sheet

For a placement gift wrap design, the price is £1.80 inc VAT per sheet.

The different in price is due to the extra cutting step involved in ensuring each placement gift wrap sheet is the exact same each time. With a repeating gift wrap pattern, each sheet will still be the same size, just possibly cut on a different section of the repeat.

Lead time of 1 week from order

QuantityPrice per item
Repeating Pattern - 50 sheets£1.44 Inc VAT
Placement print - 50 sheets£1.50 + VAT

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